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Welcome to Make that Change

Development, Growth and Performance Solutions for individuals, teams or organisations.

Welcome to ‘Make that Change’ – and congratulations on making the first step in your change journey.


Make that Change focuses on providing development, growth and performance solutions for individuals, teams and organisations. 


Our company is different.  We provide you with a tailored development approach to suit you/your organisation in doing the right things for your development and growth, as well as guiding you in doing those things right.


  • Do you need to ‘make that change’ in order to unburden yourself or your organisation of obstacles which are preventing you from achieving the exciting future/profit margins you deserve?
  • Are you about to undertake massive organisational change and need someone to guide you through it?  (n.b. Organisation change directly influences personal change for your workforce)
  • Are you under pressure to perform personally / professionally and you need direction?
  • Are you already at the top of your game in some areas of life and yet have a desire for ‘something more’ in other areas?
  • Do you need guidance and support in unleashing your own (or your organisation’s) potential?
  • Are you a business owner looking for support on driving up profits through your people?
  • In times of economic challenge, would it be more cost effective for you to build existing capability rather than starting the recruitment and selection cycle all over again?

Whether you are a seasoned professional who is already successful in your career, an organisation looking to move to the next level of maturity with your human capability/processes, or an individual looking for coaching support to help you make life altering change – ‘Make that Change’ is for you.


From your free initial consultation to realisation, you will receive support to clearly identify your requirements, map out your route and have a guide and ‘critical friend’ along the way as you progress towards your destination.

Your life, your choice........ Make that Change.

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