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About Make that Change

Make that Change is about human potential.  In a world where we rarely stop to think, where technology continues to advance at an ever increasing speed, where life seems to pass by with a blink; we often take each other and ourselves for granted, in fact sometimes it’s a challenge to even identify the precious resources you already have.


I will support you in taking a breath to contemplate, to take stock of your present situation and design what success looks like for you and your environment ; at a pace to suit your needs/timeframes. 


Same but Different


My ethos is that I embrace the ‘same but different’ principle.

Whether we are in a business/corporate setting, or looking for a personal change, the fundamental is the same, we are all human and we all have the same fundamental needs.  When humans are nurtured, encouraged, supported and challenged in a way that the individual can identify with, we have the potential to do incredible things!


And yet as humans we are also different.  We are influenced and impacted by life experiences, which in turn shape our development and growth.  Additionally as we mature through life we form our own deep seated values and beliefs.


Each of us has a history and many of us have a ‘sad story’.  As humans it’s what we do with that experience internally which shapes and influences our behaviour.  Can you think of examples of this?  Where you felt ‘the victim’, ‘why me’, perhaps you went into ‘fight or flight’ mode? Maybe you learned something as a result of an experience you have had? Perhaps you dwell on these events?


Everything we do is as a response to our experience.  You can choose to be a victim of life’s experiences, or you can choose to take life by the hand and live it to the best of your ability.  What if you could learn new strategies and techniques to help you do this easily?


Be it in a professional or personal setting, coaching human potential needs to be built on best practice and tailored for individual experiences.  I use a combination of best practice, traditional and some unconventional methods to deliver you/your organisation a tailored programme based on your experiences/values/beliefs and aspirations.


During our time together, be it a short sharp intervention or a longer term arrangement I will tell you how it is... fact.  Expect to be challenged... fact.  I get results fast... fact.


I give you nothing but 100%, in fact, rarely will you have experienced such attention and commitment to your challenges.  I expect you to commit to your goals with nothing but 100% in return.  I’m confident to the extent that I will offer you a money back guarantee. If you follow my instructions exactly you will get results.

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